pick up locations

Thursday Delivery 

We have deliveries to Stevens Point, Plover, Waupaca, Wisconsin Rapids, as well as farm pick up in Amherst Junction. Delivery is always on Thursday afternoon, time depending on which drop spot you go to.

Farm: after 3:00 pm, 9697 Lake Meyers Road, Amherst Junction, 715/824-2697

Stevens Point: 2008 Illinois Ave. after 5 pm. 

Plover: 2310 Chets Court, 715/544-0678, after 5 pm.

Waupaca: @ The Book Cellar after 4 pm, 110 S. Main, Waupaca, 715/258-2555

Wisconsin Rapids: 460 Wyatt Ave, after 5pm. 715/423-5229

You can go to the most drop spots as late as 8:00 pm and if you cannot pick up that evening, you can go there the next morning up until noon. After that, all remaining boxes or other produce is taken to Operation Bootstrap. Call the farm or your drop spot for other arrangements if you cannot make it by Friday afternoon.

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