farm events

There are several opportunities to connect with the farm during the season.

We also have an annual volunteer day and potluck for our garlic harvest on a Saturday in late July or early August. It is a lot of work and the help is necessary and highly appreciated. 

We have a Harvest Festival and Potluck in mid-September where we have live music, apple cider pressing, and lots of good food! It's a great time to visit and see where your veggies are grown first hand.

Sunny Sky also hosts educational farm tours for numerous groups. If your group is interested in a tour, please make arrangements at least four weeks in advance. 

Volunteers may called upon at various times of the season if we get behind with some chore and need to get it done asap. This is not common but it does happen occasionally.

If you just want to come out and help for a while sometime, stop on out. It may be helpful to call ahead.

Children are always welcome... supervision is not only helpful but absolutely necessary with younger children.

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