storage share

In addition to our regular season share, we offer an extended season or storage share. This consists of the regular season share plus one bulk delivery of 100+ lbs. of crops that can be stored in appropriate environments within your living space (unheated basement, garage that does not freeze, your refrigerator, etc.) The delivery is to our drop spots, 2 weeks after the main season. We give tips on how to store your veggies.

Typically we offer for the storage share:

• potatoes (usually 3 types) 15 lbs

• onions (red and yellow storage) 15 lbs

• carrots (washed and bagged) 10-15 lbs

• celeriac, usually 6-10 bulbs

• winter squash, 10-12+ of several varieties

• most years we also have for the delivery: rutabagas, parsnips, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, daikon radishes, garlic, kale, pie pumpkins, beets, leeks, choi, and others depending on the particular growing season.


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