statement of our intent

By becoming a member of Sunny Sky Farm, you are sharing in the bounty and risk inherent in agriculture. The chances of a complete failure of every crop are very small. It is much more likely that some crops will produce 75% or less of expectations and others will produce 125% or more of what was originally planned for. Organic farming practices, timely irrigation, and the wide variety of crops planted substantially reduce the risk of a "bad year".

Our season gets rolling in March in the greenhouse (leeks in February) and runs until early November (later for mulching garlic and berries). These earliest and latest crops can be difficult to produce during some years and as a result, quantities during these weekly deliveries may be less than that during the height of late summer. Severe or freak weather could delay or interrupt any of our plantings or our expected harvest dates. 

We pledge to do our best to bring in a wide variety crops each week throughout the growing season. It is a lot of planning and hard work which we accomplish through daily dedication to chores by the farmers and workers shares who help out each week. 

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